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Making of Kings, February 2022 update

Gibsons Games have just created a signup form for people who would like to receive information about the launch of their new edition of Andrew McNeil's Kingmaker, developed by myself (that's Alan Paull, in case you're wondering!). If you would like updates, all you have to do is enter your email address and name on this form.

Here is a short update about the new edition of Kingmaker:

- Gibsons Games has the prototype of the new edition from me for production, and artwork is now being created.

- Kingmaker will launch on Kickstarter in Autumn 2022 and will be on general sale at the beginning of 2023.

- There will copies to back on Kickstarter and some added extras.

- There will be different versions of the game: original (classic, if you will), Kingmaker II (my Revised Kingmaker), solo play option, and so on.

- It will be made in Europe.

If you have questions, at the moment I can only answer in relation to my prototype, not anything to do with production. I'm hoping that I'll be able to post some stuff here during the production period.


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