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The Cousins' War

The 1st game in

the Pocket Campaigns series 

Designer: David J Mortimer
Players: 2
Duration: 30 minutes
Age: 12+

Published with 2Tomatoes Games (Spanish) and Frosted Games (German)

More information (BGG):

Cousins' War 2nd edition 2018

Rules (pdf)

Rules for Tewkesbury promo (pdf)

Available now from all good games outlets, available from this website now!


Game preview - BGG Spiel 2017

Overview - UKGE 2017

Teach - Ricky Royal

Review and teach - Game Gate

Play through - Heavy Cardboard

Play through and discussion - Heavy Cardboard

Review - Gaming Rules


The Cousins' War product shot
The Cousins' War game background and history
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