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Kingmaker special: a 3D insert for your new game

I take no credit for this amazing artifact - a specially designed insert for Kingmaker: the Royal Relaunch.

This add-on product (not an official Gibsons or Surprised Stare one) has been created by Kingmaker fan, Jeff Koper, who has a listing as Melted Meeple on Etsy: It consists of several 3D printed trays for all the pieces, carefully engineered, so that they fit in the Kingmaker box (including a couple of spacers to hold it all together). Each tray is labelled with its contents, so that you can construct the appropriate components for the version you're running (particularly important if you switch between versions).

The Faction piece trays are well put together, with spaces for each Noble piece. They stack, so that the pieces won't fall out when they're in the box, and you can just lift them out and hand them to each player.

Each deck or deck section of cards (for example, specifically for Classic, or Kingmaker The Second) have their own tray. Each card tray of Crown deck or Event deck size is stackable, as you can see from the top picture. In addition, the other markers, dice and Start Player marker have stackable trays too.

Jeff was kind enough to send me a free sample, but otherwise I have no financial interest.

Thoroughly recommended.


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