SSG were at UK Games Expo 2021. We will not be at other conventions in 2021, largely for COVID-related reasons, EXCEPT that we will be at GridCon in November! We are usually at Essen, GridConBaycon, and Consequences.

3 August 2021: Launch date! Welcome to our new website!

New games under development in our Pocket Campaigns series: The Three Sanchos, another great pocket game from David J Mortimer; The Castle War, set in The Anarchy, Stephen and Matilda struggle to control the kingdom, designed by Rob Harper. Alan continues his work on the newly redeveloping Kingmaker. Originally designed in 1974 by Andrew McNeil, and published by Philmar, Gibsons, and Avalon Hill, the new version of Kingmaker will be published by Gibsons Games in 2022.