We are usually at AireCon, UK Games ExpoEssen Spiel, GridConBaycon, and Consequences.

15 May 2022: UK Games Expo

Expo 2022 will be the first where we have available all three of our popular Pocket Campaigns series – The Cousins’ War, The Ming Voyages, and The March of Progress. All of these games are heavily thematic with a lot of depth of strategic and tactical play in a small box. They are designed to take about 30 to 45 minutes to play.

We will also be displaying the prototype of Gibsons’ new edition of Kingmaker!

12 April 2022: International reviews of Pocket Campaigns games

All the current Pocket Campaigns have been reviewed in Dutch on Gamingblog SpinLi:

25 March 2022: Helpers for UK Games Expo wanted!

Surprised Stare Games is looking for helpers for our stand at UK Games Expo in June 2022. Would you be willing to help demo our games? If so, we'll be able to provide a hotel room and additional benefits. If you're interested, please contact me, Alan Paull, at for further details.

19 February 2022: Reprints have arrived!

The reprint of The Cousins' War and The Ming Voyages has arrived at the warehouse at Spiral Galaxy Games. Shipping to customers starts early next week.

14 December 2021: Reprints of The Cousins' War and The Ming Voyages

Our reprint of The Cousins' War and The Ming Voyages is due for delivery in early February 2022. The reprint consists of: 

  • The Cousins' War in English

  • The Cousins' War in Spanish

  • The Ming Voyages in German

  • The Ming Voyages in English

If you're interested in getting hold of these games to add to your current Pocket Campaigns games, please contact us as follows:

3 August 2021: Launch date! Welcome to our new website!

New games under development in our Pocket Campaigns series: The Three Sanchos, another great pocket game from David J Mortimer; The Castle War, set in The Anarchy, Stephen and Matilda struggle to control the kingdom, designed by Rob Harper. Alan continues his work on the newly redeveloping Kingmaker. Originally designed in 1974 by Andrew McNeil, and published by Philmar, Gibsons, and Avalon Hill, the new version of Kingmaker will be published by Gibsons Games in 2022.