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Mission Command is a set of World War Two wargaming rules for use with miniatures.

Designers: Alan Paull and Peter Connew

Players: 2-16

Duration: 1-24 hours (depending on scenario)

Age: 14+

More Information (BGG): Reference Manual

Mission Command: Normandy, Reference Manual cover


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Mission Command

The Mission Command approach:

  • Captures the essence of tactical and operational combat command from roughly company level to army corps level without real warfare's bloodshed, fear, death and destruction.

  • Models the differences in how different armies fight.

  • Reflects WW2 practice of tactical and operational command, control and communications.

With Mission Command if you're handling a German Panzer Division, it will be a different experience from handling an equivalent Soviet, British or American unit. Command, control and communications is not as abstracted as in most modern wargames - no command dice, no PIPs and no artificial 'fog of war' mechanisms. Each command of company level or above is given orders at the start which can be modified later, but orders are brief. Fog of war, imperfect information and sometimes confusion emerge naturally as players attempt to fight in accordance with national doctrines and complex tactical situations.

The current version is our first full edition published in April 2019 and available from Lulu. There will be changes to the game as it develops further, and new versions of the rules and tables will be published over the coming years.

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The Reference Manual

may be purchased from Lulu or from Wargame Vault.

Playing Mission Command: Normandy, the players' supplement,

may be purchased from Lulu or from Wargame Vault.

Support materials

Area Fire Templates (pdf)

Markers (MC_chits.pdf)

Play Aids (pdf)

Mission Commander’s Boards: British and Commonwealth; USA ; German


Introductory Scenario pack (zip)

Villers-Bocage Scenario pack (zip)

21 into 6 Won't Go Scenario pack (zip)


We are currently producing short videos to illustrate game play. Please bear with us...

these are very much works in progress.

Example of combat video, based on the players' supplement

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