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Our Games

We design and publish card games, boardgames, and wargames primarily for the hobby games market. Most of our games are in English, but we usually partner with overseas companies to offer them in other languages too. Designers of our games include: Alan Paull, Tony Boydell, David J Mortimer, Sebastian Bleasdale, David Brain, Matthew Dunstan, Peter Connew and Peer Sylvester.

Pocket Campaigns Series

Pocket Campaigns is a series of small box games with war or conflict themes. All the games in the series have relatively few components, typically cards, wooden pieces, perhaps a board, and a rulebook. The games are designed to take about 30-45 minutes to play. They are within the hobby games market, not family games, and they have significant depth of strategy and/or tactics for such a small package.

Games currently on sale

Last Bug Standing in the Circle of Doom!:

Designer: Bez Shahriari. Players: 2. Duration: 15-30 minutes. Age: 12+

War of the 3 Sanchos:

Pocket Campaigns #4

Designer: David J Mortimer. Players: 1-3. Duration: 30-45 minutes. Age: 12+

March of Progress:

Pocket Campaigns #3

Designer: Alan Paull. Players: 2. Duration: 30 minutes. Age: 12+

​Ming Voyages:

Pocket Campaigns #2

Designer: David J Mortimer and Alan Paull. Players: 1-2. Duration: 30-45 minutes. Age: 12+

Cousins' War:

Pocket Campaigns #1

Designer: David J Mortimer. Players: 2. Duration: 30 minutes. Age: 12+


Published by Gibsons Games

Designer: Andrew McNeil. Developer: Alan Paull. Players: 1-6. Duration: 2-6 hours. Age: 12+

Lux Aeterna:

Designer: Tony Boydell. Players: 1. Duration: 15 minutes. Age: 10+

Mission Command: Normandy

Contact us by email to purchase this game from Surprised Stare Games.

Designer: Alan Paull and Peter Connew. Players: 2-16. Duration: 1-24 hours (depending on scenario). Age: 14+

Back Catalogue of Surprised Stare

Surprised Stare have produced a lot of games that are no longer available.  To see something about these, please look at our Back Catalogue page.

Other games by Alan Paull

Alan has also designed a number of other games including:

Airfix Battles

Kingmaker (re-development)


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