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June 2024 conventions

UK Games Expo 2024

June started with UK Games Expo. Well, more accurately, May ended with it, but I always think of Expo being a June thing.

This year we had a relatively bijou stand, as you can see from the picture below (taken during setup). It was a 3x3m corner space in Hall 1 with a good flow of folks around. We had just enough space to display and demo Kingmaker, alongside our other new games, Last Bug Standing in the Circle of Doom, and War of the 3 Sanchos. Unlike last year, when I was helping at the Gibsons stand, we didn't have enough space or staff for playing Kingmaker, which was a pity (though part of the plan - space is expensive!). However, we had all our small box games available for playing on the smaller table, and many players took advantage.

Surprised Stare stand at UKGE 2024
Surprised Stare stand at UKGE 2024

For others doing stands at longish conventions, I would also just note the flooring. We started using these floor tiles a two or three years ago, when we were alongside Triple Ace Games, and they're a godsend. When you're on your feet for a lot of hours in the day, it makes a huge difference to stamina. And the blue adds to our consistency of image, I think.

We had a lot of fun, as usual, meeting many old friends and making new ones. Again, as usual, we didn't have a great deal of time to look around the show, so we rely on others to explore the highlights.

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by, including a number of fellow designers who demo'd their prototypes. Also, many thanks to Dave Mortimer, our illustrious designer of War of the 3 Sanchos (and other Pocket Campaigns games too), who helped us out with demos each morning. And to Bez, who managed to find some time to stop by even though she had her own stand to run.

Broadside Games Show 2024

Readers of my other posts will know that this year we're experimenting with attending a range of wargames shows. The week after Expo was Broadside, down in Gillingham, Kent. This is a single day, Saturday, show, running 10:00 till 16:00, and it was possible for me to nip down for the day (though getting up at 05:15 was a bit harsh!). I'd not been to this show at all before.

Broadside takes place in the Medway Park Sports Centre, so it's basically one large sports hall packed with stands, including traders, demonstration wargames, and participation wargames, all with great table presence. I took a minimum space as a first timer and was set up and ready to go by about 09:30 (doors opening at 10:00). You can see from the picture below that I used the same basic principle as the UKGE stand. Flooring unnecessary, owing to the cushioned sports hall floor!

Surprised Stare stand at Broadside 2024
Surprised Stare stand at Broadside 2024

Turnout seemed pretty good to me, though I was told by other exhibitors that the show was normally staged in July (in school hols), so it was less than usual. I had a good time - a lot of people asking for info and demos (families, as well as more traditional older wargamers), as well as some playing of the smaller games. While many of the comments about Kingmaker were of the "I've got the original!" and "I played this 40 years ago!" type, there were also many who hadn't seen it at all before, and the vast majority were attracted by the look and feel of the new game, which was gratifying. Again, we didn't have the space (or staff) to play it, regrettably.

Interest and sales were pleasantly high throughout the show, so I returned to base very happy. It's a long-standing show with regular exhibitors and visitors, friendly, well-organised, easy parking, and with a lot of variety. I would certainly go again.

Out-and-about in July

I have a few conventions in July:

  • Conference of Wargamers at Missenden Abbey 12th-14th

  • Attack Wargames Show in Devizes 20th-21st (partnering with Dave Mortimer)

  • Continuum 2024 (a LARP convention) 26th-28th


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