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Lots of Kingmaking!

The new version of Kingmaker proceeds apace.

If you're new to my re-visiting of this Andrew McNeil classic from 1974, please see this thread on BoardGameGeek:

I decided that the new board was sufficiently well developed to permit a couple of A1 printed versions for face-to-face playtesting. Now just delivered and not yet flattened properly from its rolled-up state, draft Revised Kingmaker board (I stress, prototype, not final artwork!):

I've created a new Guide to Kingmaking. This is a 4 sides of A4 document with plenty of pictures that gives an overview of how to start out with Revised Kingmaker. Again, this is a prototype document. It takes you through the construction of a Faction, the first turn of play and a sizable battle sequence. In addition, it gives some hints on how to play your first few games.

Here's a PDF for download:

Download PDF • 3.01MB

I'm now into another round of playtesting, particularly 2-player and the Solo Challenge (yes, solo Kingmaker!), the latter ably designed by Steve Froud. And there will be face-to-face too - we have a session organised for Sunday 15 August at The Ludoquist Boardgame Cafe in Croydon, and I'm sorting out some more dates for September in various venues.


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