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The Cousins' War on Brain of Britain

Our game, The Cousins' War by David J Mortimer has hit the big-time! We have featured as a question in Heat 10 of the Brain of Britain quiz show broadcast on Monday 16 October 2023.

The question was: "Released in 2017, the boardgame 'The Cousins War' sees players use dice and action cards as they fight for domination during which 15th Century conflict?"

As any fule kno, the answer is "the Wars of the Roses", which the competitor competently concluded.

For the Brain of Britain show, see this link: The question is immediately after the 15 minutes mark (15:00).

I was very gratified to see that all the factual information about our wonderful game was correct - though, as my wife pointed out, it IS Brain of Britain on the BBC, so they would be expected to get it right!

If anyone would like to buy a copy direct from our website here, please email me. Use the code BOB23, and I will charge a special discounted price of £10 + postage and packing.

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