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Designing an ideal introductory wargame

With Dr Lewis Pulsipher

In which Lew and I have a deep-dive ramble about designing ‘the ideal introductory wargame’.

We discuss some, to us, key issues in design:

  • What is a wargame?

  • What do we mean by introductory wargame?

  • Who is our audience?

  • The issue of sanitisation of war.

  • What would be the topic? We look at concepts of theme, atmosphere, model and simulation.

  • Who is the player; what does the player represent?

  • Euro gamers versus wargamers

  • Level of activity – tactical, operational, strategic; mechanics versus strategy

In part 2, we talk about:

  • Components and Kickstarter

  • Undaunted Normandy

  • Partners and teams

  • Uncertainty, fog of war, hidden information

  • Manoeuvre and movement

  • Combat and dice buckets

  • Economy, symmetric or asymmetric

  • Victory conditions

  • ‘Gyp factor’ – experienced player vs novice player

  • Recap


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