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Pondering Mechanics with Bez: Once Around Auctions

It's another Wednesday Bether for me with Bez Shahriari!

We continue examining the different auction systems.

A series inspired by Building Blocks of Tabletop Game Design by Geoffrey Engelstein, Isaac Shalev. We are following the list of mechanisms on BGG.

So, we'll be discussing games such as Fleet, Ra, Skat, GEM.

How does it impact the game? How will it affect the experience at the table? How versatile is it? Which games will it fit? What will it work well with? When is it good? Who would enjoy it? When is it bad? What issues might there be when adding it to a game? Have we used it in any games? Would we?

We start at 10:00 UK time today (8 March 2023). Come and join us at


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