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New website, new blog!

Welcome to Surprised Stare Games’ new website. We’ve switched to Wix to give our site a more modern look, because our old site was rather worn and fraying at the edges.

One of the changes we’ve made is to remove our online shop. This is in recognition of the inescapable fact that we’re not a retailer, we’re a design and publishing company. However, so that you can find our products, we’ve included a “Buy” section that lists many of the retail outlets that sell our games. If you cannot find a convenient outlet that sells SSG games, do let me know, and I can arrange to sell direct to you, or I can supply your local shop. If you own a shop (bricks-and-mortar or online) and would like to appear on our list, please contact me at

This blog, Something To Do With Games, will cover a variety of different topics. As you might expect, there will be posts to do with designing, making, producing, demoing, and selling games, especially games that Surprised Stare is producing. But also, I will write or record posts about the investigations I’m doing into historical backgrounds, wargaming (including occasional posts on professional wargaming), and I hope to have guests here to give different perspectives. In fact, my next post is a podcast about designing the ideal introductory wargame, with my friend Lew Pulsipher, a leading designer and author of game design books, articles and videos from the USA.

Over the coming weeks, I will include Designer Notes from some of our recent publications, and a look at what happened from SSG’s perspective at the very recent 2021 UK Games Expo.

I hope you will join me here on our continuing Surprising journey!


Aug 08, 2021

Love the new look but I could not find the ‘subscribe to this blog’ button - clearly just me being dense I suspect!

Replying to

I've added a sign-up thingy on the main blog page.


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