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It's nearly Spiel time again!

5-9 October 2023

Hall 3, 3A114 - Surprised Stare Games' stand


It's been a year already since Spiel '22, though that's hard to believe.

For SSG, it's been a tricky year. For Spiel 2022 we had no new games, so it was difficult for us. However, it was a great opportunity to meet our friends again and play stuff along with 200,000 people (though not all at the same time!). We aim to rectify this lack of new material for Spiel '23, and though War of the 3 Sanchos is not yet published (our due date is January 2024), we have some great games for this year's Spiel - 2 in particular that are newly-minted for this purpose.

Last Bug Standing in the Circle of Doom!

I've been going on about it for a bit, and it's possibly the game with the longest gestation period of any SSG game, and also with the longest name. At last it's here!

Surprised Stare Games proudly presents

A game by Behrooz 'Bez' Shahriari


Apart from having a very long name (a little bow to Bez' normal game naming conventions!), what's in the box? Here is a picture I took when unpacking my first box of 12 games:

And a closer look at the game set up for play:

But for a really close look - please visit our stand, Hall 3, 3A114.


Designed by Andrew McNeil back in 1974, re-developed by me (and my excellent team) over the last 4 years, published by Gibsons Games, and with a Solo Challenge mode by Steve Froud, the new Kingmaker is terrific! Gibsons has done a fabulous job producing it, and I'm so happy that players the world over are loving it.

Our stand will have a Kingmaker table - just in case anyone would like to try it out. As it's about a 3-hour game, I suspect we will be mainly demoing, rather than playing.

We will have copies available at Spiel for a competitive price.

For much, much more about Kingmaker, see its entry on BoardGameGeek, or search my blog using the Kingmaker category.

In addition to these goodies, we will have our Pocket Campaigns series too: the Cousins' War, the March of Progress, and the Ming Voyages. Plus, a few copies of Tony's solitaire game Lux Aeterna.

Hall 3 is at the western end of the Spiel, and our stand is on the wall right by the entrance, next to Richard Breese's stand (he has his new game The Glade available), and opposite our friends at Frosted Games.

Hope to see you soon!


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