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Gaming Goals for 2022

Following in the footsteps of seemingly everybody else, I thought I’d trace out some gaming goals for 2022. In my experience, this trace will morph into many other alternatives, regardless of my current wishes – that’s just the nature of life, really, at the present time.

The main thing in my mind is the idea of meeting up with people face-to-face. I know, weird, isn’t it? To wit:

  • Go to AireCon, meet lots of people and sell more of our Pocket Campaigns series, including our reprinted The Cousins’ War* by David J Mortimer, and Tony’s Lux Aeterna first edition.

  • Go to UK Games Expo, meet lots of people and sell more of our Pocket Campaigns series.

  • Go to Essen Spiel, meet lots of people and sell more of our Pocket Campaigns series.

  • Go back to a regular weekly evening gaming slot. It was somewhat tentative in late 2021, perhaps it can be properly regular in 2022?

  • Ditto for regular weekend gaming. I’d like to re-start our chez Paull Game Designer Days and Gaming Weekends that were put on hold. This goal also ought to include various conventions, but the ones in January and February, and overseas ones in the first half of the year, look frankly doubtful. We’re hoping to go to (in no particular order) BayCon, GridCon, Continuum, Consequences, the Retford Moot, HandyCon, various Frome wargaming sessions, Conference of Wargamers, Epsom Bash, Connexions UK. All dependent on whether these happen, but remaining positive!

  • Become a more regular participant in Brett Gilbert’s weekly playtest sessions in Ely.

The other set of things is to address all the multitudinous projects that are making my cup run over, including in no particular order:

  • Get all the ducks in a row for importing our games from Poland in early February! These are the reprints for The Cousins’ War* and The Ming Voyages.

  • Run a crowd funding campaign for David J Mortimer’s War of the 3 Sanchos, the latest in our Pocket Campaigns series, in conjunction with our friends at Frosted Games and 2Tomatoes Games.

  • See the new Kingmaker from Gibsons Games that I’ve been developing for them. Very exciting! Hopefully, there will be something to see at UK Games Expo.

  • Find a home for Snails & Grails, the little project I’m doing with Dave Mortimer and Rob Harper.

  • Finish off the development of Bez’s little game, currently with the working title of “Hunter’s Pie”, and also the development of Rob Harper’s “The Castle War” for the Pocket Campaigns series.

Oh, and post rather more on this blog!

* The Cousins’ War is now available for preordering. Please email for details.

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Great post ~ I think that you are right though ~ to paraphrase/corrupt an axiom from elsewhere 'No plan survives first contact with life'.


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