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Apparently, it's nearly Christmas... Soon time for an Advent Calendar?!

I've never been a great one for advent calendars - just give me a Topic (showing my age!) and I'm happy, rather than a daily dose of chocolate behind a window in an advent calendar. Though, now I mention it, I do still recall a Lindt one we had in my youth. But nowadays, it's not just chocolate in advent calendars (showing my age, again!), or indeed beer, whisky, and other spirits, or little plastic toys. You can get board games in them!?

I think the first board gamey advent calendar was published by our friends at Frosted Games in 2016 (though do correct me if I'm wrong). It had 24 expansions for 24 different games, including one for our very own Surprised Stare Games' Guilds of London. So, not complete games, but genuine board game products. Now, there are many such offerings of varying volumes. Personally, I'm not sure how you can fit a whole game in one of those little windows...

Tabletop Gaming has its own version for this year's Christmas. They've gone the whole Hogfather and included full-on games (18 of them apparently) as well as other goodies in 25 parcels leading up to The Day. A Surprised Stare Games' product is the gift within one of the parcels, though the precise day is under a strict moratorium.

For details (and to pre-order) go to TTG Advent Calendar.

Of course, you can always buy Surprised Stare's games from your FLGS or online shop. It's nearly Christmas after all.


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