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Making of Kings, April 2022 update

April 2022 sees a couple of Kingmaker features, courtesy of Tabletop Gaming!

Issue 65 (April 2022) of Tabletop Gaming Magazine has an article by Chris Eggett about Gibsons' Kingmaker reboot that Alan has been developing. In addition, there's a podcast episode (Season 2, Episode 46) "Kingmaker with Alan Paull", in which Chris and Alan talk about all things Kingmaker, including the new version, while sitting in a nice pub in the wilds of Cambridgeshire.

And for good measure, Issue 65 also has a My Favourite Game column that gives Alan the opportunity to scribble some effusive words about Seastrike, another great game from the time of the original Kingmaker.

For updates on Kingmaker from Gibsons, go to this form.

Meanwhile, the team at Gibsons are hard at work creating new Kingmaker artwork, of which more later...


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