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3 Sanchos: Now previewing on Gamefound

Please sign up to our Gamefound preview page at: You can also find the page by going to Gamefound and searching for "3 Sanchos".

Another milestone in our journey to publication of 3 Sanchos is upon us! We're organising a Gamefound campaign for later this year, and to this end, we've launched a Gamefound preview page. At this stage, we're showing basic details about the game, including some near-final artwork and an overview of the game. We will be releasing more details in the coming weeks.

We're still working on the box cover. This is the latest...

3 Sanchos is the fourth game in our popular Pocket Campaigns series. You are one of three King Sanchos, fighting for control of castles and towers across Castilla, Navarra, and Aragón. 3 Sanchos is designed for one, two or three players.

Our Gamefound page is just a Preview at the moment. You can follow it by clicking the Follow button on the page. We will be updating the page regularly.


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