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The 4th game in

the Pocket Campaigns series 

Expected publication date:
Feb/Mar 2024

Gamefound campaign


Gamefound page

Designer: David J Mortimer
Players: 1-3
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Age: 12+

To be published with 2Tomatoes Games (French and Spanish) and Frosted Games (German)

Current draft rules

Designer Diary

War of the Three Sanchos

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News about War of the 3 Sanchos

December 2023: Gamefound succesful and production under way

Our Gamefound campaign was successful, and we have been accepting Late Pledges for a few weeks now. Production is under way, and we're looking forward to completion in the middle of January. Shipping should be February/March 2024.


Earlier News about War of the 3 Sanchos

18 July 2023: War of the 3 Sanchos - Gamefound campaign now LIVE!

Our Gamefound campaign for War of the 3 Sanchos has now launched! Please back our campaign at:

We are planning our Gamefound launch for 18 July 2023, with a £1 discount for those following the campaign prior to launch! Please watch our Gamefound preview page.

We demonstrated the game at UK Games Expo (2-4 June 2023).


We have a demo table at AireCon (9-12 March 2023, Harrogate Convention Centre). If you'd like to see and maybe play the game, please drop by Table 11 in the Demo & Playtest Zone, Hall B.

We launched our Gamefound preview page on Tuesday 14 February 2023. I hope you'll have a look over there and click to Follow - we'll put more details there as we develop the campaign.

We now have a potential strapline for the front of the English version’s box, recently amended to: “Conflict between Cousins in the Time of El Cid. A Game for 1 to 3 players”. This harkens back to our first Pocket Campaigns game, The Cousins' War, while also implying the 11th century Spanish theme.

David J Mortimer and I have now gone through the final rules with another fine toothed comb (we have lots of those), as has my external rules review expert, Ralph Anderson (thanks, Ralph). So we’re pretty convinced we have a good set of rules. Playtesting will continue, of course (see our convention schedule below if you’d like to help). Our target is to launch a Gamefound campaign later this year (we had thought 'around the end of April', but this is problematic because we have some disruption in our SSG base) – it’s also still a bit vague because our financial planning is subject to negotiation of US shipping rates with a new US partner.

We have updated the draft rules on the site, so there's a new link at the top left of the page. We've decided to go for the same board for each of the language versions. This will be the Spanish version for historical flavour, so we refer to the 'Navarra' and the 'Taifa de Saraqusta'. We have researched appropriate period soldiery for some of the background graphics too.

Part of game publishing is also to be sensitive to issues such as colour-blindness. For this reason, we always test our colours. In this case, we've revised our green, yellow, and red so that they are as differentiated as we can get for the various forms of colour-blindness, for wooden pieces, cards, and the board. Each king's card sections also have a distinguishing flag on the cards, so you can easily track the relevant actions of each player.


Sample card


Sample board

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