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The mountain railway:

dig it, build it, climate!

Now out of print

Designer: Tony Boydell

Players: 1-5

Duration: 30-90 minutes

Age: 10+

More information (BGG):
Original Snowdonia
Snowdonia Deluxe Master Set

Snowdonia Rules, English (pdf)

Rules for expansions (Pdfs)

Channel Tunnel 1881

Daffodil Line (English)

Daffodil line (German)

Rolling Stock

Siege of Petersburg


Snowdonia Central - a guide to the boardgame Snowdonia. With run-downs of each of the available scenarios, coverage of all of the expansions produced over the years, and a complete listing of all the trains ever produced for the game.


Overview (Master Set) - BGG Spiel 2019

Overview (Original) - BGG Spiel 2012

Introduction and set up - Ricky Royal

Teach - Ricky Royal

Teach - Rpgamepire

Teach - Gamesplainer

Solo rules tutorial - Boardgamerants

Snowdonia Expansions - Rahdo

Gameplay runthrough - Rahdo
2 player Playthrough - Slickerdrips

Solo playthrough - Slickerdrips

First Impressions (Master Set) - Slickerdrips

Review - Drivethrough games

Review - Ryan Metzler, Dice Tower

Mechanics and theme review - Thinker Themer


The peaks of Snowdonia rise before you, no longer encased in mist, their summits clearly visible; the highest is Snowdon (Wyddfa) herself at 1,085 metres. 

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