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During play-testing, players occasionally broke the 45 points barrier to score at the end of a round and so we felt safe and secure in setting the board maximum to 49+. However, I'm sure that someone, somewhere, can prove us wrong and shoot off the end of the board into the gaming Ether (aka "Pencil and Paper").

So, here's the challenge: can you come up with a player's end-of-round score of greater than 49 and explain how it is achieved?

  • What cards do you need to start the round with and how many ie. then normal five or the 'last in the previous round' six?
  • What symbol should be the Trumps for the round?
  • What order do you need to play your cards in?
  • What abilities do you need to use? If you are drawing extra cards, or need to fetch a particular card from the discard pile, what should it/they be?
  • Do you need to use your once-per-game Bonus ability?

Send your answer(s) to us submit@surprisedstaregames.co.uk with a subject of "SCANDAROON COMPETITION" (or similar).

The closing date is 31st March, 2007 and we will be offering various SSG goodies as prizes to the attainers of the highest scores! The winning entries will be posted on the SSG website shortly afterwards for all to admire and envy!

No purchase of SSG products is necessary to enter this competition, but then you'd be missing out on some real gems - wouldn't you?


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