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On The Cards

Both a game and a way to create games, On The Cards is a window into the possibilities offered by the humble deck of cards. The various rule cards define how cards move from the deck, through players’ hands and into tricks, and how cards are scored at the end of the round. By combining these rule cards you can create thousands of games.


SSG will be at Essen, Baycon, UK Games Expo. and Consequences.

Visit us at Essen Spiel '11 in Hall 4, Stand 4-116.


  • One deck, thousands of ways to play with On The Cards
  • The trains may be stationery but Paperclip Railways is fasten-ating!
  • Create colourful totem poles in our game for braves, squaws and papooses, Totemo
  • Program your fun processors with our futuristic robot auction game Fzzzt!


last updated: 22nd September 2011

Surprised Stare Games Ltd.

Bloody Legacy / Confucius / Coppertwaddle / Fzzzt! / On The Cards / Paperclip Railways / Scandaroon / Tara, Seat of Kings / Totemo

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