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Surprised Stare Games Ltd.

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It should be noted by persons here present, and those

who may yet discover the joyous experience that is

Coppertwaddle, that the deep and involved histories,

strategems, pronouncements, discussions, and rulings,

including the supposed timeline and developments of

Folio, are of an untrue, fake, charlatten and false

nature. Coppertwaddle is a modern strategic card game

developed by Surprised Stare Games and given a period

atmosphere through liberal use of story-telling, words

that sound good, appropriately-themed artwork, and

downright lies. Surprised Stare Games will not accept

responsibility for anyone who takes all of this

bunkum, hogwash, piffle, and balderdash as being

authentic and suffers loss or injury as a consequence.


Surprised Stare Games Ltd.

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