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A Sample Game


A Right Royal Tussle

What transpired betwixt Henry and Anne ...

This sample game uses the Coppertwaddle notation explained in our recent article.

Henry is dealt the following cards: The Wheel, War with France, Dread of Night and The Abbot. Anne has: Lecturn, Captain's Reversal, Hemlock and Hammer & Anvil.

Henry Anne Commentary
[] lc
x Don
Henry draws A Long Climb. He decides it is too risky to play The Abbot, so elects to do nothing; he has 5 cards, so discards Dread of Night. Not a bad play, but cautious. It is often better to be aggressive with a weak or medium strength card, if you have some form of defence available, because it can throw the opponent on the back foot. However if The Abbot had been Mount Ararat, it would have been a terrible risk to play it immediately, because "BF, Whl>(MA), + Ctw" probably wins your opponent the game.
[] We
Anne draws East Wind. Plays Lecturn to her 1st Peasant Ditch. Another risk-free play.
!(Le=1), Ym=2, (Le)>P2
Henry draws Yeoman, plays it and immediately robs Lecturn. This succeeds and Lecturn is placed in Henry's P2 Ditch. Yeoman and Lecturn are both covered. Anne could have defended by Captain's Reversal, but chose not to waste a good card defending a 1 Peasant.
[] Tap
Anne draws Thrust & Parry. Plays East Wind on to Henry's covered Yeoman, which is therefore pressed (cannot be made proud till the Wind is removed).
Henry draws Capstan. He plays A Long Climb on the Wind to remove it from the Yeoman, then plays The Abbot. He feels able to do this now, because he has two Divisors in hand (Capstan and The Wheel) to defend The Abbot. However this is potentially an error, because Divisors are best to use in attack and Henry has no other noble to back up The Abbot.
!(Le=1), On=4, (Le)>P2
Anne draws The Ocean. This turns the tables on Henry, so Anne steals Lecturn back. Yeoman cannot be robbed at present, because it is still covered.
[]Pcp Henry draws Peaked Cap. He can do nothing else at present.
!(AB=4), HL=7, (Cst)>HL
Anne draw The Hazelnut. She has some defence for Hemlock through Captain's Reversal, so elects to try to rob The Abbot. As Henry has 4 cards, this attack fairly predictably fails, but does draw out a Divisor, which is very useful for the future.
!(HL=0, On=3), AB=4, (Crv)
Henry draws An Hundred Buttons. He decides to try for Hemlock, which would be a big prize. War with France reduces The Ocean to 3 power, The Wheel means Hemlock cannot use its power or its ability to cover out of harms way. However Anne has many cards and this attack also fails. Henry is now at a great disadvantage because he has used up many powerful cards and has only weak Threlms to show for it.
Anne draws another Wind and presses Yeoman again (which was covered by Captain's Reversal last turn). This is good long term strategy, because it maintains a weak 1st Peasant Ditch, so that Henry cannot defend the Noble position.
Henry draws A Bastard Line and tries to protect The Abbot by moving it to the Peasant Rank. This uses another card and does not really protect The Abbot.
!(AB=4), On=3, Le=1, Ha=1
(Pcp>bl, AB>N2)
Anne draws Woe. She keeps up the pressure by mounting a simple attack on The Abbot without using up any cards; at 5 power versus 4, Henry is forced to use another card or lose The Abbot.
Henry draws and plays New World, so that The Abbot is 8 in defence.
!(Nw=4), On=3, Le=1, Ha=1
Anne draws The Birthday. Again without wasting cards, Anne is able to undermine Henry's position by stealing New World. It's worth noting that only 1 powerful Threlm is as yet in play, but Henry is clearly losing as he has a weak board position and few cards in hand.
[]Ctw Henry draws Coppertwaddle, but is it too late?
!(AB=4), HL=7, BF=9
Anne draws the Bentham Fish, which means it may well be too late for Henry. She at last succeeds in stealing The Abbot.
[]wf Henry draws War with France, but can at present only react to Ann's plays.
Woe; Le, Ha, (We, lc, Wn)>Midden
Anne draws Narwhal. She plays Woe, so that she can destroy her own weak Peasant Rank (and coincidently also Henry's), playing Narwhal as a replacement - not a hugely strong play, but this helps to further buttress the strong Nobles.
[]Ctw Henry draws another Coppertwaddle but has yet to make a crucial play.
[]bd Anne draws another Birthday. She is now waiting for the last Threlms to complete her Domain.
Henry draws Father Time, but cannot yet play it safely. The War with France play is needed to save a discard.
Anne draws Land Ho! This is a very powerful draw at this stage of the game, because it can be used in both attack and defence.
Henry draws Trepaner. He elects to discard it rather than to play it - it might have been a better play to lay Trepaner, because if Anne steals it, then her score is reduced.
!(Ym=2), On=3, Na=3, Nw=4
Anne draws The Old Hag. She elects to rob the weak Yeoman rather than await a larger Peasant Threlm, so that she can complete the win.
Now Henry draws a second powerful Noble, but it is too late to break into the Noble Rank.
Anne draws Squire Haversack. Henry cannot respond in the Challenge step, so Anne lays The Old Hag and claims the win.
Ann's score:

HL, BF(wf), AB(bd, bd), OH
On(wf), Na, Ym, Nw

38 points - an average win



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