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A Brief History of Coppertwaddle in England

Being a Timeline of the Development of the Card Game of Coppertwaddle, sometimes known as Cooper's Tort

c1470 Invention of Coppertwaddle by Gerald of Worcester
1476 Moving on from his popular printing The Game and Play of Chess Moralised in 1474, William Caxton publishes the first printed version of Coppertwaddle, then known variously as Cooper's Tort, the Tort, Coopers Twaddle or Copper Twaddle.
1495 Catholic version printed in Bologna, possibly the work of Platone Benedetti; became popular in monasteries and royal courts throughout Europe, though was to be discouraged forcefully by the Papal Inquisition.
?1520 First "official" regulated rules published; known as the 3rd Folio (Cooper's Tort)
1520 - 1540 Several rival printed versions; Folios 4 to 7; little of certainty is known of these editions.
1526 Lutheran version printed (in French); reaches England as the 8th Folio
1534 Society of Coppertwaddlers established to regulate the game at Henry VIII's court, some say under the patronage of Queen Anne or even the King himself; all that is known is that "an anonymous benefactor" supplied funds for the printing of a 9th and later a 10th Folio
1605 Remains of an unofficial "Puritan" version have been dated to this time; however it is possible that this was a special edition produced by a leading Twaddler at James I's court. This version is known as the 11th Folio, but is largely discredited. [Note: some authorities suggest that this version is merely an elaborate forgery.]
mid-17th c Coppertwaddle was banned under the Protectorate, and the Society was officially suppressed, though it is known that the 10th Folio was still played. There is even evidence of Anglo-Dutch Coppertwaddle tournaments played on a periodic basis in Amsterdam and Oxford.
1660 - 1680 On the restoration of Charles II the Society was re-established with a lavish royal grant. The 12th Folio was issued at this time, but was unfortunately lost when Cooper's Hall was burnt down during the Great Fire. The 12th Folio was replaced by a new 13th Folio, which was really a reversion to a modified 10th. This version was played down to the 20th century in England.
1848 A bastardised version of Coppertwaddle (known as "Rattlesnake") was produced in the United States, though little played in the UK. It became a popular gambling game in the Mississippi delta. This was known in the UK as the 14th Folio, but was shunned by the Society.
1927 15th Folio published, together with a more rigorously structured, modern-looking turn sequence. House rules and variants are notorious throughout the 20th century, a trend dating back to the earliest days.
2000 Publication of the Surprised Stare Games edition of the 16th Folio (previously known as the Worcester Variant of the 15th Folio).

An Birthday for to win I seek,
An Birthday, lest my rank be weake.




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