Something tells you that you are in a cloakroom – perhaps it’s the sign on the door? Or perhaps it's the fact that this cramped little space is filled with coats.


A cursory glance along the hanger rail reveals the following: a mackintosh, a pac-a-mack, a crackerjack and snack attack, an anorak and duffle coat, a donkey jacket, a leather jacket, a suede jacket, a potato jacket, a sou’ wester, a nor’easter, a rain-coat, a coat with a clue on it, a coat d’azure, a coat of paint and a coat of many colours; also there’s a body-warmer, a leg-warmer, an egg-warmer, a tea-cosy, a waist-coat, a trench coat, a trench foot, an elephant's foot (with umbrellas in), a smoking jacket and a jacket that’s completely on fire.






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