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Bloody Legacy

Quedgely's Puzzle

Great Uncle Hesketh's mansion

##*Our apologies that Hesketh's mansion is only available in English##
(only on German version of page)

My name is Quedgely Mutton. I knew the deceased well ... he was my Great Uncle, don'tcha know. About three years ago, as he lay dying, he called a few select relatives to his death-howdah (he was very fond of elephants) and told us that he has hidden his treasure away and has left clues to it in his mansion for the intrepid and especially wary explorer. Of course he then made a complete recovery and denied he'd ever had any treasure.

But ... you never know with my Great Uncle. Find my place and I'll help you start looking.

Quedgely Mutton (the Third)



Surprised Stare Games Ltd.

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