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Bloody Legacy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I suggest a new Bloody Legacy variant?

A. Of course! Please submit your suggestion to submit@surprisedstaregames.co.uk. If we publish your variant, we will send you a special limited edition Bloody Legacy card to add to your deck.

Q. I've heard that there is a puzzle associated with the Bloody Legacy website. Can you explain?

A. Great Uncle Hesketh's mansion allegedly contains his hidden treasure. Enter and search the mansion, and the intrepid and clever explorer may find it. Or simply have some fun looking around the mansion; you never know what you'll find at Great Uncle Hesketh's. There's also a puzzle in the website for our first game, Coppertwaddle.

Q. Who is or was Great Uncle Hesketh?

A. We asked his family, but were unable to gain anything publishable or indeed coherent from our interviews. However, we have published a summary of his life from his official biography.

Great Uncle Hesketh's mansion


Q. I see two pictures on the T-shirt ordering page that are not in my deck - what are these?

A. These are the special, limited edition cards 'a cupboard full of cats' and 'the bomb'. They do not appear in the standard deck.

Q. How can I get these limited edition special cards?

A. If you buy the game from us in person at a show or convention you will get one of these cards in addition to your normal deck, subject to availability. You can also get them by winning a competition at a show, by solving the puzzle on the web site or by sending in a variant or review that is published on the web site.

Q. I have a question about the rules. Where can I get an answer?

A. Please email any questions about the rules or comments about any of Surprised Stare Games products to rules@surprisedstaregames.co.uk.

Q. In what languages is Bloody Legacy available?

A. The cards and rules for Bloody Legacy are printed in both English and German in a dual language format in the one game box. Much of the supporting website for Bloody Legacy is also in both English and German, but we regret that it has not been practical for us to translate the text in Great Uncle Hesketh's mansion into German.

Q. Can I buy Bloody Legacy in my local games shop?

A. We hope so. If your local games shop doesn't stock Surprised Stare Games products, please let us know, and we will contact them. In the meantime you can purchase Bloody Legacy and other Surprised Stare Games products from here.

Q. Where can I buy life tokens for Bloody Legacy?

A. We favour red glass beads (sometimes known as 'pebbles', 'nuggets' or 'flat marbles'), which you can buy from here. Alternatively your local games or hobby shop, or aquarium supplier may have similar items. You could use pennies, dice or dried peas for convenience, but the redder the better!

Surprised Stare Games Ltd.

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